What if the asteroid had missed?

maxresdefaultHERE’S an interesting question for you to ponder: What would the Earth look like today if dinosaurs had never been made extinct?

Would they still look like dinosaurs, 65 million years later?

Would the other animals, such as birds and mammals, be as dominant as they are now – or even be around at all?

And here’s a biggie – would human beings have evolved? Continue reading

Spooky parallels

DO you think our world is perfect?

Well that’s a bit of a stupid question, really, because I don’t expect anyone with even a small amount of intelligence thinks that. Your own personal world may be fine, but everyone knows there’s plenty wrong with the world we live in – famine, disease, death, crime, natural disasters, etc, etc, etc…

Ok, so imagine for a moment that you were an all-powerful god with the ability to change one thing about the world. What would it be? Continue reading