Whole New World[s]

Although Ethan Jones is only 11, he is already having to act as the man of the house, looking after his little sister, Lizzie, and his often bedrWhole New World[s] coveridden mother, Heather, who fell ill when the children’s dad left suddenly some years before.

In the summer holidays, when he can’t be with his best friend, Jake, Ethan goes walking to pass the time. He enjoys being alone on the beach near his house, where he can listen to his own thoughts and just be a kid again.

But when he finds a small, pebble-like device on the floor of the abandoned coastguard house, his whole world literally changes…

Parallel Universe logoWhole New World[s] is a 5-star rated science fiction adventure with parallel universes, peril and Jammie Dodgers, aimed at everyone from 11 to 111.

Readers have said: 5 stars:  “This was such a fun and amazing book to read. I read it one sitting and I just refused to put it down until I was done!! Love books that do that!”

5 stars: “This is a beautiful story of courage and strength with just the right amount of danger mixed in.”

5 stars: “I loved it: fast-paced and absorbing, with an original and very well-constructed storyline.”

5 stars: “Ethan is such a brilliant character, so caring and yet so adventurous, and it didn’t take long for me when I read this to become completely absorbed in his world. I would heartily recommend this book!”

5 stars: “Really enjoyed this book and loved the characters. Had to set the alarm early so I had time to finish it.”

  • It is available as either an ebook or paperback, here on Amazon, and in local bookstores.


The second in The Parallel Universe Adventures, Running is also available as an ebook and paperback.

Ethan and Jake are tired of adventures, and happy to return to their normal, often boring life at school and home. But when Sam’s alarm goes off in the middle of the night during half-term, they are forced to start running…

Running is a fast-paced, exciting tale which sees the two boys lost in a world where dinosaurs still exist, and Sam put on trial for desertion and theft – a charge which could end with him facing the death penalty.running-cover-small



After Harry

After Harry is an adult supernatural thriller with just a touch of romance.

Currently in the editing stage, is it planned for release in January 2018 – watch this space for details or sign up to my email list to be kept updated.