Are you a Marconi or a Minion? Test your science knowledge

Do you know your photons from your photosynthesis? Find out whether you’re a Marconi or a Minion when it comes to science with this fun quiz:

  1. Physics is the study of what?
    a) Everything that is alive
    b) Matter and energy
    c) Life, the universe and everything
  1. If you understand quantum physics you are:
    a) A genius
    b) Mistaken
    c) Stephen Hawking

  1. ‘Beaming up’, as per Star Trek, is an example of:
    a) Transformation
    b) Transmogrification
    c) Teleportation
  1. How many planets are there in our solar system?
    a) Nine, of course
    b) Well, it depends what you call a planet, doesn’t it?
    c) Eight
  1. What is the largest animal ever to have lived?
    a) The blue whale
    b) The brontosaurus
    c) The Tyrannosaurus Rex
  1. How many cells are there in the average human body?
    a) 5 billion
    b) 300 million
    c) 37 trillion
  1. How long does it take light from the sun to travel to earth?
    a) 8 minutes
    b) 3 days
    c) 150 years




Answers: 1. b) 2. b) (no-one really understands quantum physics) 3. c) 4. c) (Pluto is no longer considered a planet) 5. a) 6. c) 7. a)

How did you do?

1-3 right: You are a Minion.

4-5 right: Not bad.

6-7 right: A definite Marconi. Well done.


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