What if the asteroid had missed?

maxresdefaultHERE’S an interesting question for you to ponder: What would the Earth look like today if dinosaurs had never been made extinct?

Would they still look like dinosaurs, 65 million years later?

Would the other animals, such as birds and mammals, be as dominant as they are now – or even be around at all?

And here’s a biggie – would human beings have evolved? Continue reading

What has science ever done for me?

SCIENCE is irrelevant to your life, right? It’s all people in white lab coats doing experiments with test tubes in foreign places, probably underground, writing really long reports published in magazines you’ll never read.

Well, partly, yes, but science is also a huge part of our everyday lives, and has contributed more to the modern world than any other subject you study in school.

In fact, without science and scientific discoveries, life just wouldn’t be the same. Here are 5 things you wouldn’t have without science: Continue reading

What is science anyway?

YOU may have noticed this blog has been about sciencey subjects (so far at least – who knows what will happen in the coming months? I may decide to start talking about fudge, or flowers, or… well, maybe not, though all suggestions are welcome).

Anyway, I thought it was time we got to grips with what ‘science’ actually is.

To my generation, science is always split up into biology, chemistry and physics – the trio of subjects we studied at school. It brings memories of messy experiments, a bit of excitement when something blew up bigger than it should have done, iron filings, Bunsen burners and sniggers at the back when the teacher talked about reproduction. Continue reading