Profile picture 2Who on earth is Pam Bloom?

Pam Bloom is a new science fiction author.

She lives in Wirral, England, with her husband, teenage daughter, cat and many, many fish. In her spare time she likes walking there and back again, and her interests include nature, science, history, metal-detecting and words.

Whole New World[s] cover
Parallel Universe logoWhole New World[s] is her debut novel, the first in The Parallel Universe Adventures trilogy. A science fiction adventure about a boy who discovers the universe is not quite as simple as he thought, it is aimed at readers from 10-110.

It is available as a digital ebook here (UK) or here (USA), or as a paperback, available here.

The second in the Parallel Universe adventures, Running, is also on sale as an ebook here (UK) or here (USA). 

It can also be bought as a paperback, here.running-cover-small

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5. I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

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